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Courses & Packages

Note: Children below 5 must be accompanied by an adult. Kids age 5 to 15 can be dropped off. Adults are from age 16+

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(2 sessions)

Adult pot throwing & glazing £48 - 1 hour, returning for 2 hours

Kid pot throwing & glazing £30 - 1 hour, returning for 1.5 hours 

Adult hand build & glaze £36 - 2 hours, returning for 2 hours

Hand building Course

Each course is ran through the school term's for 6 weeks. It covers everything you need to know about ceramics! We look at what you can do with pinch pots, coiling forms, slab building, pot throwing and glazing. 

Adults £120 - 2 Hours per week 

Kids £66 - 1.5 Hours per week 

Pottery Workshop

Pot Throwing Course

Learn how to prepare, centre and throw clay on the potters wheel. As well as turning (trimming the bottoms to create foot rings) and finishing them with glaze at the end.

£120 for 5 hours

£176 for 8 hours

(Message directly for availability)

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