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swindon open studios

Swindon Open Studios is an annual community exhibition during which local artists invite members of the public to view their work and give people an insight into where and how their art is made. On the 17th, 18th, 24th & 25th of September you will be able to just turn up to the studio and buy original affordable art or join in on a workshop!

Carly Byrne

''I've enjoyed painting since childhood but became passionate about ceramics after attending an access course at Swindon College in 2010. From there I went on to study at Central Saint Martins and gained my Ba (Hons) in Ceramic Design in 2014. My work is always bold and colourful and uses traditional hand building and printing techniques. I like to create pieces that are happy and uplifting and inspired by my Wiltshire surroundings.''

Instagram: Ceramfam


Personal website coming soon

raku swindon

Jodie Johnson

Jodie started working in cross-stitch and went on to develop an interest in the traditional craft of hand weaving. The pieces shown are selected from the past 2 years of work, in which two collections have been created; one inspired by nature and landscapes, and the other inspired by the human form. 

Instagram: @LoomingMostly


Alice Turnham

''I started working with clay around 2 years ago and I love every process that comes with it. I mostly make thrown pieces on the potters wheel but I like to hand build occasionally. My designs are often fun, colourful and cute. I want to make people smile when they look at them! Everything I make is unique and has it own little quirks; I think this is part of the reason why people love handmade things so much!''

printing on pottery

Karen Roswell

''Hello, I'm Karen. I'm a beginner potter and I'm hooked! I started working with clay last October when I booked a 'Pot Throwing and Glaze for 2 session' for our wedding anniversary. I absolutely love using clay. I rarely know what I want to make, and I tend to wait to be inspired by the clay! "What do you want to be today?" I'll ask. 

There's a sense of freedom from my expectations in that! I am also inspired by nature and through conversations. Mostly though, my pieces capture my emotions and how I feel in that moment. The pieces exhibited were made last winter and evoke a calmness in me. I appreciate that feeling.''

pottery on the wheel

Jason Richardson

Jason has honed his skills from a young age.  Originally working with illustration and fine art he found his love for ceramics at Swindon School of Art and Design and University in Bristol. 


''Ceramics is a perfect mix of physics, chemistry and art, with almost limitless options and techniques to get to a final piece of work… It is this constant learning, exploration and evolution which drives my passion for this art form.''

Jason’s current work is heavily influenced by the natural world, using mainly hand building techniques and bold colours or the exciting and volatile Japanese ceramics firing process called Raku! Watch this space for up and coming raku workshops at Bare Glazed Studio.

jr ceramics

Robbee Winterflood

Robee (DEE) aka Sluggah Deezus is a Graffiti artist from Swindon who has been painting since 1983. He's designed album covers for music labels as well as Tee Shirt designs for Read and Weep, a crew/company he cofounded with artists Ryder and Del in the early 2000's.


''I love being creative. Through my art, I am able to express myself. I use recycled canvasses' and I don't like seeing old frames or records go to waste, so you'll see some upcycled pieces as well as some new ceramic work too! Working with Carly has given me the confidence (through her classes and the space at Bare Glazed Studio) to showcase what I do''.

Instagram: sluggah_deezus


Erzsebet Turner

''I have always enjoyed making and creating.  From sewing all sorts of things, making wedding dresses, skating outfits and upholstery to drawing and painting. I found pottery after retiring and love the tactile nature of it and the element of surprise on how something turns out.  There is so much more to discover!''

hand build pottery

Alison Reynolds

Self-taught artist, Alison Reynolds has always loved seeing the beauty in the world around her and enjoys expressing that in her artwork. She desires to bring the beauty and detail of the created world around her into her work through the use of clay, pencil, and paint and is looking forward to more opportunities to create in the future.


''After a long time away from creating, it’s been so fun and rewarding getting back into to it.''

clay cat

And other makers...

Dale Byrne
Hayley Seymour 
Gerry Cruse Brant

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