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Raku is an exciting firing process where pots are fired to around 1000°C and removed from the kiln while still glowing red hot, using tongs and heat proof gloves. During this stage it allows for post firing reduction using combustible materials (such as sawdust) leaving striking decorative effects not possible using any other technique.​

You will first come to the studio to make your ceramic piece(s), using Ashraf Hannah or other suitable Raku clay. Once made, your work will be bisque fired ready for glazing and then finally you will get to immerse yourself in Raku and perhaps even decorate your piece with feathers or horsehair! ​


Group sizes are kept small to allow for more focused tuition and better health & safety. Ran over two sessions, the first to make and the second to glaze decorate and raku!


Hosted by Carly Byrne and Jason Richardson.



In session 1 you will come to the studio to learn all about raku and make two items for firing, using special raku clay called Ashraf Hannah. This is arranged before the glaze and raku day! You can view these dates on the booking area, please email me to arrange your first session.



Session 2 (after your pieces have been bisque fired) you will come back to the studio to decorate and glaze your work, ready for your last session of raku! This will be held on the same day as the raku. 



Once your pieces are ready, you will visit us (at a private location) after weve had a break for lunch. Here you will have a more in depth look into raku and fully immerse yourself in the process by removing your work from the kiln yourself! Please contact me if you have any questions. 

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